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Playground Tiles Uk

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  • Playground survey shows city park is an area of safety concern

    Playground Survey Shows City Park Is An Area With Undue Safety Concerns A park in East Lancashire has been named one of the UK's best parks for safety complaints according to new research.

  • Playground Tiles Playground Tiles

    Our exclusive range of safety analyzed rubber playground tiles have been designed to provide maximum cushioning in case of accidental falls. Rubber naturally being renowned for its protective characteristics keeps the children safe and secured while they are outside playing. The ability of rubber to stretch allows these rubber safety tiles to provide an outstanding shock absorbance and instead of bouncing the pressure back onto the body it soaks it up inside, hence reducing the physical exertion after playing for long periods of time. These nonslip tiles also provide a quick and convenient cleaning, assisting in the maintenance of a hygienic and healthy environment. Also, these anti-fatigue tiles are incredibly easy to install.

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  • Playground Safety Mats Playground Safety Mats

    Our playground safety mats are carefully manufactured to be used in children’s playing areas. Often the hard flooring surfaces like concrete fail to offer the required level of protection and stability for the children which is why our rubber matting provides an excellent protective shielding to avoid the serious consequences of accidents. Our anti fatigue mats come in a range of different colours and design pattern to create a bright and vibrant environment for children. A further benefit of our non slip mats is an outstanding potential for wet and moist weathers as the surface is porous and enables a quick water drainage keeping the floor a permanent non slip zone.

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  • Playground Flooring Playground Flooring

    Rubber safety flooring is becoming the most popular flooring solution due to its remarkable safety qualities. This versatile anti-slip flooring enables a convenient installation without the need of an expertise and is ideal for places that demand a more natural look. Rubber has a high degree of friction which provides a firm and stable underfoot grip keeping the children away from drastic falls and slips. The damage resistant surface enables this playground flooring to withstand the adverse weather circumstances and remain slip resistant in wet or moist conditions. The eye catching colours and elegant designs help in creating a sparkly and flamboyant environment.

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  • Rubber Grass Mats Rubber Grass Mats

    Our rubber grass mats and weed protection matting is available all across the UK. The grass protection mat is perfect for allowing the fresh new grass to grow through the perforations, diminishing the mud levels and maintain a non slippery surface. These grass mats provide a slip-resistant, impact absorbing protection. Manufactured using the finest rubber material, these mats are constructed to retain shape and tolerate harsh weather circumstances providing a longer life durability and removing the need for frequent replacements and repairs. Our grass protection products help to stabilize surface of the ground and keep the rutting to a minimal.

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  • Rubber Matting Roll Rubber Matting Roll

    Our exclusive rubber matting rolls provide you with the security you require to combat against slips and falls. These rubber mats are ideal for both indoors and outdoors wherever there you need fall protection. These rubber flooring rolls are manufactured from the finest raw materials to enable stability and durability throughout their use.  With a squeaky clean, polished appearance these mats are extremely resistant to the accumulation of grease or oil because of their easy cleaning, maintain a fresh and hygienic environment at all times. These rubber mats come in a range of varying designs, colours and sizes enabling the customers to choose the one that is most appropriate for their specific demands.

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Welcome to Playground Tiles Uk

If you are one of the people who is planning to make a playground for kids but, don’t want the kids to get hurt then you may get the floors of the playground covered with rubber playground tiles. Our supplied playground tiles and playground mats aim to provide protection to children who are playingon the ground. They are made from soft material which can absorb the weight and prevent the child from getting hurt after falling down. supply custom made playground mats where the most common ones include the playground tiles, safety mats andplayground matting roll. The playground matting roll can be used to apply the rubber products on places where the item is rolled on a rubber roll which can be unrolled to apply the product to the surface of the playgrounds.

We obtain the playground safety tiles from our selected partners who tailor make the playground safety tiles according to the specifications which are provided to us by our customers. We can also supply the rubber playground tiles in your desired unique designs and shape.

Our skilled designers are always ready to help our customer is getting their playground tiles finalized where they ensure that the customers’ ideas and thoughts are kept in mind. The designers will send the products for processing once it has been approved by you.

Head over to our categories and select the product of your desired section and order them for supply from us at lowest possible rates. We are the playground tiles UK supplier who can supply the playground tiles at attractive rates to our customers.

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